Get Paid for Your Opinion

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Get Paid for Your Opinion

Opinionsly, found at, is a market research company that helps you get paid for your opinion. It is free to join and they pay cash via PayPal.

Opinionsly gives people an opportunity to make some money by signing up and taking the surveys provided, however, since they control the site, they mainly provide you with surveys based on your answers to the pre qualifying questions you responded to when you first sign up.

The questions can be pretty personal, but they claim they are trying to paint a picture of who you are as a consumer whose opinions might fit eligibility criteria in order to qualify to take specific surveys.

Opinion Outpost has a handy interactive box of listings which includes the type of study, approximate time of completion, and how much it pays, with an easy to see start button on each survey on the list.

Many Opinion Outpost members seem happy, and claim they often get several surveys a week… and of those surveys it seems they qualify to complete more than with other companies.

Opinion Outpost currently does not have a referral program but they claim they are working towards it. This site is a relatively recent debut and so far there are no major issues.

Opinion Outpost so far has a higher than usual number of members also have good things to say about them.

It is easy to find things to be unhappy about with survey companies in general, as really none of them pay very much money.

But if taking surveys is something you find interesting, you could do much worse than Opinion Outpost.

In an industry where you can’t really make much money in the first place, Opinion Outpost is a reputable company and would be one of your better choices to at least get something in return for your time.

We recommend Opinion Outpost as a worthwhile income opportunity. Sign up with opinion outpost survey panel today and get paid for your opinion.